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We all leave our computers and tablets behind when we leave the office. Our phones never leave our side, and that is why it was so important for us to provide access to criticial information from all major smartphones.

dD Mobile provides access to critical case information, notes, calendar, and even documents. Make changes to your timesheet, schedule, and case notes from anywhere. You can even take pictures with your phone and attach them to the case file!

The new system helps us better manage our cases. It can show us the workload by attorney and office and generate time reports so we can adjust attorney assignments.

It gives us the ability to tailor new reports to our requirements. It’s flexible enough to respond to changing needs.
David Stickman
Federal Public Defender
District of Nebraska
Our statewide case management system which was expertly designed and implemented by Justice Works not only assists public defenders in handling their caseloads but also generates important data that is readily accessible and critical in making our funding requests before the legislature.

T. Patton Adams
Executive Director
South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense
Commitment to Excellence - Justice Works prides itself in providing precisely the correct solution for law offices of all sizes. Our implementation team takes great care to leverage our flexible technology platform to ensure that every client receives a custom solution tailored to their individual needs.
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 Customizable interface
 Flexible security model
 Complete case management solution
 Scheduling & Time Tracking
 Document Indexing & Searching

 Still paying vouchers by hand?
 Tired of paper piling up on your desk?
 Looking forward to year-end reporting?

defenderData Voucher Submission - Submitting vouchers electronically is exceptionally simple from defenderData Web.

No need to carry a briefcase full of documents to court or client meetings. An internet connected tablet is all you need to access police reports, motions, pleadings, etc

September, 2011
United States - The Administrative Office of the United States Courts has selected defenderData as the case management platform for all Federal Defender Offices nationwide.
May, 2011
Louisiana - Justice Works™ is pleased to announce the Louisiana Public Defender Board has chosen defenderData for State-wide case management.
April, 2011
California - The San Mateo County Bar Association now utilizes defenderData for case management, voucher billing & payment.
January, 2011
Texas - The Harris County Public Defender has selected defenderData to manage public defense, appellate, juvenile & mental health cases.
December, 2010
Oregon - The Youth, Rights & Justice Attorneys have chosen to manage their juvenile cases using the defenderData platform.
November, 2010
Utah - Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys, LLC is now utilizing defenderData for managing juvenile cases, scheduling and documents.
December, 2010
California - Justice Works™ welcomes the Riverside County Capital Defenders to the defenderData platform.
June, 2010
Maine - The Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services selects defenderData for State-wide management of voucher billing & payment.
December, 2009
Nebraska - The Lancaster County Prosecutor has chosen prosecutorData for case management.
December, 2009
Florida - The 2nd Judicial Circuit Appellate Public Defender has chosen the defenderData case management solution.
December, 2009
Nebraska - Justice Works™ is pleased to announce the Sarpy County Public Defender has selected defenderData for complete case management.
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